报名加入北大中联队参加2014华体会田徑比赛 08/09, Saturday



Dear friends:

We hope you all can join our teams to compete and have fun in HuaTiHui (华体会) on Saturday Aug 9, 2014。

The most important thing is participation. Just register below. Every summer recently, HuaTiHui (华体会 attracts tens of thousands of people in the Bay Area. It becomes one of the largest events of the Chinese community here. It's a wonderful opportunity to get connected, have fun, maintain a healthy and pepped up living, lose weight, and get medals.

Please register at : this link

Be part of the teams, PKUAANC(北京大学北加州校友会) will pay for the participation fee. If you come early, you may also get a T-shirt. In particular, we need people to run for relays (16x100m, 4x100m, 4x400m at all age groups). You don't need to run fast.

We need more people helping us to organize events/races. Please to indicate it.

The HuaTiHui web site has more details.


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