Board and EC Team of 2009-2010



Board of 2009-2010


Vice Chairpersons:

Chief Financial Officer:

  • Mr. HUANG, Christopher


Board Members

  • Ms. JIN, Ying
  • Ms. FENG, Jennifer
  • Ms. SHI, Xudong(Betty)
  • Ms. HALVORSEN, Lynn
  • Ms. YANG, Yan
  • Mr. YANG, Meng


Executive Team of 2009-2010

President: Mr. PENG, Cheng

We have built the following 9 teams, with a solid base of 50+ EC team members contributing their time and efforts to better serving our alumni and the community.

1. Communications Team:
Co-Director: Jianhui Zhang, Meng Yang

Memebers: Zhipan Li, Zhong Tao, Hang Su, Shirley Wang


Career development
Co-Director: Yan Yang, Eizabeth Chien-Hale
Team Members: Fei Sun, Xinjian Zhou, Yelin Chen
  • Promote professional networking, mentoring among alumni
  • Bring opportunities to alumni members to learn from other successful leaders, professionals in (or visiting) the Bay Area
  • Provide training/workshops on career/leadership development to alumni
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing of job leads

3. Entrepreneurship Team:

Co-Director: Ray Su, Meng
Yang, Kelvin Long
Team Members: Anjia Gu, Weidi Pang, Yelin Chen, Xingxin Liu, Frank Sun, Xiaozhou Lu, Cheng Peng

  • Entrepreneurship club
  • Hosting government groups visits to Bay area


Finance Team:
Co-Director: Chris Huang, Jennifer Feng, Lynn Wang

Members: Fei Sun, Cheryl Wu
  • Fund Raising (Sponsorship)
  • Accounting

5. Social Activities Team:
Co-Director: Sarah Lee, Ying Jin
Members: James Guo
  • Dance parties (also to generate $ for our other activities)
  • Social events
  • Life and culture forums (Weiming tea forum, etc.)

6. Sports and Outdoor Fun Team (SOFT):
Director: Xinjian Zhou
Members: Yelin Chen,

Zhipan Li, James Guo, Zhengfan Zhang
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, travel etc.)
  • Sports (badminton, tennis, skiing, etc.)

7. Campus and new to bay area alumni Connections:
Co-Director: Xiaozhou Lu, Wenxiu Ma, Zhaoyuan Ma
Members: Anjia Gu, Xingxin Liu, Ping Li, Lan Wei, Gang He, Liang Sun
  • Stanford
  • Berkeley
  • Other schools in bay area
  • Alumni moving into bay area to work from other states or Canada

8. Senior alumni/VIP Connections:
Co-Director: Xudong Shi, Jennifer Feng, Ying Jin
Members: Lin Huang

9. Beijing Medical University/Medical Alumni Connections:
Director: Michelle Hou, Yuning Feng
Members: Richard Xu

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