Earthquake Donation Summary



Dear alumni and friends,

Since the Sichuan earthquake on May 12 last year, many of you, your families and
friends have made generous donations through PKUAANC's Earthquake Relief Fund.
As the earthquake's anniversary is approaching, we would like to report to you a
summary of the donation drive.

We are proud to announce that as of the end of April 2009, donations to
Earthquake Relief Fund have reached a total of $123237.66, all of which have
been received by the Chinese Red Cross. Most of the personal donations were made
before July 2008. Company Matches took place throughout the rest of the year
till now. We still have two pending Company Matches, so we will send another
update when all transactions are concluded.

The donor list is published at:

We will have our key donation project team members and board members available
at our annual meeting (BBQ Party) on May 10th, 2009 (see event announcement
above). If you want to know more about the donations, please come to us, we
would love to talk to you. Or you can reach us at <pkuaanc@...>.

Throughout the past 12 months, many volunteers (more than 20 people) have also
donated enormous personal time to manage the countless paperworks and accounting
tasks. Their efforts are no less significant contributions than the relief fund.
PKUAANC's Board wants to thank all donors and volunteers for your help to the
victims of the earthquake.

Also remarkable is that a group of PKU alumni and friends set up an independent
donation drive called "Red Heart"
( Through
their own efforts, they raised a significant amount of donations and made direct
delivery to the victims on ground zero. Hats off to these warm-hearted alumni
and friends.

Again, the PKUAANC Board thank all the donors and volunteers.

PKUAANC Board 2008-2009

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