2015 PKUAANC Board Election Results



Dear Alumni and Friends,

Election for PKUAANC directors of board term 2015-2018 was held during Annual BBQ on June 28. All 10 candidates received more than half of the verified votes, hence were elected. 

Let's welcome 5 re-elected directors: Jennifer Feng (冯君), Christopher Huang (黄鑫), Jun Lang (郎军), Xiaozhou Lu (吕小洲), Jianhui Zhang (张建辉), and 5 new members of the board: Shuang Li (李爽), Yingjie Lin (林莹洁), Guoqiong Song (宋国琼), Nathan Wei (魏晔翔), Jacky Zhang (张惊涛).

The new board will hold a meeting soon. Please follow the announcement of updates to our leadership team.

Thank you for your support.

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