北大北加州校友会 hiking and tidal pools 活动



PKUAANC SOFT (Sports and Outdoor Fun Team) Invites you to join the:

Double-header hikings to explore the ocean & the mountain

Please RSVP via the link below. We look forward to seeing you all.

http://tinyurl. com/PKUSOFT- Jan2010

Aren’t you ever curious about what live in the Pacific Ocean along the SF coastlines? PKUAANC SOFT invites you to an amazing double-header trip at the best time of the year. The ocean near Half Moon Bay will reach one of its lowest tidal points around 4:40pm on Saturday Jan 30th.  You will get to see abalones, sea urchins, sea stars and much more. Before that, we can take a short hike in nearby McNee Ranch State Park. Both parks are free to enter. You can choose to sign up for either event. Don’t miss this chance. The same kind of opportunity won’t come in another ten months.

A. Information about tidal pools:

Location:  37°31'26.93"N 122°30'58.94" W, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

Gathering Time: 3:30pm, Jan 30th Saturday.

Lowest tidal time: 4:44pm,

Sunset time: 5:31pm (notice it won’t turn totally dark until 5:50pm.)

For details, check out: http://www.fitzgera ldreserve. org/reserve. html

http://www.bahiker. com/southbayhike s/fitzgerald. html

Activity: we will meet at the parking lots, walk down to the ocean (~0.6mile), explore tidal pools for an hour and half, and come back.

B. Information about the hike in McNee Ranch State Park:

Location: 37°33'14.00"N  122°30'44.39" W

Gathering Time: 1:30 pm, Jan 30th Saturday.

Details: http://www.bahiker. com/southbayhike s/mcneeranch. html


  1. Don’t kill or take home any creatures.
  2. Car pool with your friends to reduce carbon emission and to avoid the hassle of looking for parking. 
  3. Dress warmly, bring layers of clothing, and wear sturdy shoes
  4. Bring your whole family.
  5. Take great portray pictures before dusk.


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