PKUAANC SOFT (Sports & Outdoor Fun Team) volleyball event



The PKUAANC SOFT (Sports& Outdoor Fun Team) is organizing a volleyball event on
Saturday 9/12. Besides enjoying a good workout, we will select players and form
a couple of teams to participate in the Guoging Cup Grassland Volleyball
Tournament on September 27 Sat., part of the celebration for the 60th National
Day of China (please refer to the announcement below).

Please note: even if you are not interested in the tournament, do join us for
some fun and tips from other players to improve your skills. We will set up
multiple courts to accommodate all players.

If anyone can provide volleyball sets (poles/net/court marking kit), please let
Xinjian (
azhuazi@...) know. Your help is highly appreciated!

TIME: From 4pm to dusk, Saturday 9/12

LOCATION: Fremont Central Park, 40100 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538

Please sign up via the online form:\

Please Contact Xinjian (azhuazi@...) with any question

View the sign up sheet here.\

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