PKUAANC Leadership Team 2014-2015



Dear Alumni and Friends,

The Board of PKUAANC for 2014-2015 held its first meeting on Sep 13. In the meeting, the Board welcomed 1 re-elected veteran: QU Ning 曲宁, and 1 newly elected Director: WANG Xinrong 王新蓉.

The Board unanimously elected SU Zhan (Ray) 苏战 as the Chairman and QU, Ning 曲宁 as the President, for another term.

Chairman:SU, Zhan (Ray) 苏战
Vice Chairs:QU, Ning 曲宁 (EC Team President)
ZHOU, Xinjian 周新建
WU, Wen 武文
ZHU, Fangfang 朱芳芳
Hu, Zhanzhi 胡湛智
Chief Financial Officer:HUANG, Christopher 黄鑫
Controller:LU, Xiaozhou 吕小洲
Treasurer:JIN, Ying 金璎
Secretary:ZHANG, Jianhui 张建辉
Directors:FENG, Jennifer 冯君
XU, Elizabeth 徐玲
LANG, Jun 郎军
WU, Zhanping 吴湛萍
WANG Xinrong 王新蓉

QU, Ning 曲宁 as the new President will organize and lead the Executive Committee (EC) team.

The Board calls for your support to the new leadership team. We look forward to all alumni and friends' participation in our events and contribution to the community. We welcome everybody to become a PKUAANC volunteer and help this community thrive.

PKUAANC Board of Directors 2014-2015

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