Bio-Club 2017 技术创业讲座: from scientist to entrepreneur





Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center, Rm 130

291 Campus Drive

Palo Alto, CA 94305



As a brilliant innovator, a successful serial entrepreneur and a generous coach, Dr. Yu has extensive experience from developing technologies, founding start-ups, leading companies to success to building and fostering a community to support other scientists/entrepreneurs. In this workshop, Dr. Yu will share his invaluable experience, and his perspectives on making impact and building successful companies.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Guo-Liang Yu is the Executive Chairman of Crown Biosicence Inc., a public listed personalized oncology platform company with ~600 employees globally. Dr. Yu co-founded Epitomics Inc., an antibody biotechnology company recently acquired by Abcam at $170 M. He served as Chairman, President and CEO of Epitomics Inc. for 10 years. Dr. Yu’s success is driven by his scientific curiosity and a passion to translate scientific discovery to real products. He came from China to pursue advanced training after graduated in biochemistry from Fudan University in 1984. He obtained his Ph.D. in UC Berkeley where he and Dr. Greider discovered telomerase and its mechanism in Dr. Blackburn’s lab. Drs. Blackburn and Greider received Nobel Prize in 2009 for their discovery. Dr. Yu then joined Dr. Frederick Ausubel’s lab at Harvard to pursue the question how plants defend themselves against pathogens without an immune system. He identified the first plant disease resistance gene. In 1993, instead of continue his academic interests, Dr. Yu became one of the first senior scientists in Human Genome Sciences Inc., when genomics was still in its infancy, identifying human genes for drug discovery. Among several important drug targets he studied, BLys was the first successfully genomic target for the development of a lupus antibody drug Benlysta approved by FDA in 2010. In 1998, Dr. Yu was attracted to identify plant genes with economic value in agriculture and in bio-energy. He was SVP of R&D at Mendel Biotechnology Inc. where his team analyzed the function of a complete set of plant transcription factors. Several valuable traits such as enhanced crop yield, disease resistance and drought tolerance were identified. Dr. Yu co-authored 43 peer-reviewed scientific articles that are referenced by the scientific community more than 6000 times. Dr. Yu co-invented more than 429 patents. Dr. Yu is the founding president of Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association and serves on the boards of several professional organizations including Bayhelix, CABS, National Foundation of Cancer Research, Ray Wu Memorial Foundation, University of Pacific in the US and China. Dr. Yu is generous in coaching young entrepreneurs and involved in founding many start-up companies. He is a venture partner at Orbimed Venture LLC and co-founded a dozen of biotech and health care companies.


余国良出生于绍兴。杭州第二中学毕业。是美国华人生物医药科技协会创始会长,美国癌症研究基金会、吴瑞基金会、美中生命科学协会、美中医药协会和百华协会的理事,美国浙江商会执行会长。2 0 0 9 余国良被美国商业周刊( B u s i n e s s W e e k ) 称为最有影响力的海龟 ( T h e M o s t I n f l u e n t i a l ' S e a T u r t l e s ' ) 之一。2 0 1 0 余国良入选全国千人计划创业人才并被美国科学家杂志( S c i e n t i s t )专题报道。2 0 1 1 余国良应邀参加第1 4届四次全国政协。

余国良是一个学者。他是复旦大学生物化学学士,美国加州大学伯克莱分校博士,(博士论文研究使导师获得诺贝尔奖),哈佛大学医学院博士后。在Human Genome Science 资深研究员,Mendel Biotechnology 资深研發副总裁。在Nature,Science,Cell 等学术杂志发表论文43 篇;获发明专利429 多个。余国良还在斯坦福,复旦大学,太平洋大学等校讲学。

余国良是一个多次创业者。他联合创建了近10 家生物技术公司并担任董事长。他创建的Epitomics公司以1.7 亿美元被英国上市公司并购。加入中美冠科后扭亏为盈把公司成功上市。他是20 家健康产业公司的天使投资人,同时培养了一批CEO 级别的人才。余国良又是奥博资本的风险合伙人。奥博资本是专注健康产业的最大投资机构之一。



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